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Yummy Fall Finds

As the weather gets cooler I get excited for all the fall flavors. These were some of my fall finds this year!

Apple cider 10/10 from me hot I added some caramel drizzle to the cup and it was perfect! I heated ours on the stovetop! Kai had it cold and said it was “yummy”!  Allen said that it was good and said he gives it a 7/10 even though he’s not a huge cider fan!

Apple muffins were a 10/10 from all of us! Would homemade muffins be better for sure but for a boxed muffin mix they were good! Easy to make, had decent flavor, and cooked even!

Pumpkin muffins were okay, I would say a 7/10 probably should have made it a loaf of bread instead but the flavor was for sure pumpkin and all inspired! Kai enjoyed them and so did Allen’s co workers!

Kai love love loved the pumpkin pancakes they were her breakfast for the first part of the week! Delicious bonus if you have the maple vanilla whipped cream or pumpkin spice whipped cream from Aldi! Both of those are a 10/10 flavor wise as well!

Aldi pumpkin spice creamer was okay like a 5/10 if I’m being 100% honest I typically do not like Aldi creamer and that trend continued with this flavor unfortunately. But if you typically like their creamers I’m sure you will love this one because it does scream pumpkin spice!

Apple cider donuts were a hit in our house when they were air fried! We air fried ours for 3-4 minutes on each side at 325 or 350! Highly recommend if you are a mini donut fan!

Pumpkin granola was really good as well a 10/10 for me it tasted fresh and like fall in your mouth.

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