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What is A Tula Xii Planner?!

What is a lifestyle organizer?!

A Lifestyle Organizer is a beautiful combination of a cover, inserts for your planning, and accessories all combined to organize your life beautifully. Covers are what hold it all together! Put inserts into a cover and close with your elastic and you are ready to go! Our new interchangeable covers makes changing a breeze with a zip off front (trademark filed).

Inserts are the heart of the lifestyle organizer with so many options to organize any lifestyle.

Tula Xii offers Lifestyle Organizers in 3 sizes.

  • Small which is also known as A6 and holds 4 x 5.75″ inserts
  • Medium which is also known as B6 and hold 5 x 7″ inserts
  • XL which holds our 7 x 9.75″ inserts
  • Our XXS is a keychain which comes with 2 blank inserts that are 1.5 x 2″

What are inserts?

The heart of your planner! We have around 100 insert layouts available. We call the cover that attaches to the insert an insert style. We typically have 6-10 insert styles available. These do rotate out at times. Inserts are printed at the time of order. That is how we are able to offer so many options! 100×10=1000 variables. This also plays a role in our shipping times. Insert styles are printed in bulk in advance. That plays a part in to why sometimes they either sell out, or we discontinue them.

Interchangeable Covers

Trifolio – and go

How Many Inserts Fit?

Classic and Interchangeable

Classic Pro

Ordering + Customizing your planner is easy at 1,2,3!


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