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Weekly Imperfect Foods Delivery

We just received our 7th delivery from Imperfect Foods; and this box had  some new goodies and some of our favorites that we typically order each week! Check out our unboxing below in this video! Unboxing Video


This Weeks Order Form: 

Conventional Crimini Mushrooms (8 oz) 1 $2.99
Organic Cherry or Grape Tomatoes (1 pt) 1 $2.89
Conventional Parsnips (1 lb) 1 $1.39
Conventional Avocados (4 ct) 1 $2.95
Organic Spring Mix (1 ct) 1 $2.75
Conventional Cauliflower (1 ct) 1 $2.99
Organic Navel Oranges (2 ct) 1 $1.59
Conventional Grape Tomatoes (1 ct) 1 $1.79
Conventional Broccoli Crowns (2 ct) 1 $2.29
Conventional Bell Peppers (2 ct) 1 $1.45
Conventional Cucumber (2 ct) 1 $1.49
Conventional Lemons (2 ct) 1 $0.75
Roth Wisconsin Selection Cheese & Snack Tray (4.1 oz) 1 $4.99

Subtotal$30.31 + Delivery Charge$5.99

Meal Ideas For This Box

  • Parsnip Fries
  • Date Night Snack with the cheese tray!
  • Lasagna Casserole with mushrooms & broccoli (Recipe to come)

We LOVE our Imperfect Foods service so far and will continue to branch out and try new things when we order weekly and I highly suggest you guys check it out to! If you have not ordered a box yet I do have a $10 coupon for you just click here! 

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