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Super-Greens-A Busy Moms Review

Hey Hey Hey Positivity Platform Blog Readers!
If you are new here WELCOME! If you are a frequent visitor also welcome I am so excited that you continue to come back and see what’s up! I am SOOOOOO excited to officially be launching this blog post it has been a long time in the making! Below you are going to find out why I started using Super-Greens and how they can be beneficial for you!

Super-Greens! What are they? Why do I need them? These are all questions that I will be addressing within this blog post! As well as a few different first reaction video reviews from some fellow mom friends! I can’t wait for you guys to absorb this information and make it work for you!

We are talking about Rebalance Super-Greens from FNX Fit today! FNX Super-Greens support optimal health. They are full of raw, farm to table ingredients and a precise daily dosage of greens to help keep your immune system healthy with proper nutrition. This fits perfectly into my 2B Mindset Lifestyle of VEGGIES Most!

These Super-Greens have 5 unique strains of grass give you all the greens, vitamins and minerals you need. They have antioxidants and superfoods for healthy aging and efficient energy production. They support immune & digestive system support with their proprietary probiotic blend. They are also made with raw and organic ingredients like Barley, Alfalfa, Kamut, Oat & Wheat Grass for live detox. I use Super-Greens to help supplement additional micronutrients, chlorophyll, and digestive enzymes to my diet. I have also noticed significantly less bloating after adding Super-Greens to my routine!

Other important information about the Super-Greens!

  • Lactose Free (as someone who has lactose issues I can say I have had no issue)

  • Can be taken anytime throughout the day as well as more than once a day

  • Protein: 0 G ; Fat 0G ; Carbs: 2.5 G

  • Contains digestive enzymes consisting of 2 billion colony forming units.

  • FNX Rebalance is dried under 106 degrees to keep the chloroplasts intact, thus delivering potent chlorophyll. Many other companies dry their greens a much higher heats completely destroying the chloroplast and reducing the levels of micronutrients.

  • FNX Rebalance is fully process them within 24 hours of harvest to prevent excessive nutrient degradation.

  • FNX Rebalance also contains 17 strains of naturally occurring enzymes that bolster the digestive process and enhance nutrient absorption. This allows the body to process indigestible fiber and also protects the lining of the gut, promoting a much healthier gut over all.

Why our bodies benefit from Super-Greens: By eating a sufficient amount of vegetables our bodies obtains micronutrients AKA vitamins and minerals that are used as a catalyst to help the body perform. Minerals help with bone health, fluid balance, and muscle growth. Vitamins are necessary for immune function, blood clotting, and even energy production.

The USDA’s dietary guidelines recommend a minimum of 6 servings of vegetables a day. In the US less than 10% of men and women ages 18-34, and less than 24% of men and women ages 35-64 reach this minimum. For active people and competitive athletes the serving recommendation is even higher. This means that most of you reading this blog right now are not getting enough veggies in on a daily basis. If you know me I am all for simplifying my life so if I can get 1 serving of veggies + 8-10oz of water in per day I am in!

Did you know? Because I didn’t until I started researching! A key component for energy production found in plants is their chloroplasts. By eating chloroplast our body is provided with chlorophyll this aids athletic performance by the promotion red blood cell production and increasing the blood’s ability to transport oxygen and nutrients to working muscles, thus increasing energy.

With all of that being said Super-Greens are a great addition to almost anyone’s lifestyle!
Simple. Delicious. And good for us.
Below you are going to see a couple mom friends reviews of the 3 different flavors of Rebalance- Strawberry Dragon Fruit, Tropical Burst, & Unicorn Punch!

If you purchase Rebalance Super-Greens from me through this blog post you can receive a 20% discount with my code! Which makes each of the 30 servings about $1.73 which is about the cost of a pop and way less than a coffee! Coupon code: ckurtenbach

My ranking of the flavors:
1. Strawberry Dragon Fruit
2. Tropical Blast
3. Unicorn Punch

This is Heather! She is a busy mom of 2 and works for our local school district! She loves lifting weight and going on adventures with her family! This is her reaction of the products for the first time! All opinions are her own!

Beth is a busy soon to be mom of two who loves enjoying time outside with her family!

*I do make a small commission off of any sales within this blog post!

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