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Pinterest Strategy

With an effective Pinterest strategy, you can repurpose your content to maximize your reach and increase your traffic organically!

Hi! I’m Camille your Pinterest Expert!

Specializing in Pinterest Strategy, Account Management + Growth, Training, & Data Support Specialist! I specialize in all things food space, health and wellness, mindset, and educational courses! 


Pinterest is a unique platform that is often misused and underused by businesses of all types. 

Are you overwhelmed by the platform?

Are you spending money on ads and not seeing a return on your investment? 

Over the past 4 years, I have worked nationwide with all types of businesses and they are all missing something crucial with their Pinterest.

Regardless of your niche, audience size, or ad budget…

If you don’t have an effective Pinterest strategy, you will waste time, energy, and in the end…money. 

Don’t have Pinterest yet? NO PROBLEM!

Have an account but have no idea how to grow it effectively? YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Not sure if Pinterest is right for you? Check out my MASTERCLASS!

What would you ask a Pinterest Expert if you could get them on a one-on-one call with them?


1:1 Clarity & Strategy Sessions with a Pinterest Expert to help you apply current & up-to-date marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, & maximize your organic growth!

This session is perfect for you if:

  • You have an existing Pinterest account or plan to implement Pinterest in your marketing strategy in the future
  • You’re new to the Pinterest world & want a personalized rundown on how Pinterest works & how you can use it to grow your business.
  • You need personalized & strategic guidance with your content marketing strategy to grow your email list & increase your conversions.


You will walk away from your session with a clear action place of how to apply current & up-to-date marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, & maximize your organic growth. 

It’s time to feel confident about where you are spending your time and money!

Without a strategic marketing plan…
Your blog posts don’t get read.
Your content doesn’t get seen.
Your email list doesn’t grow.
Your sales and bookings decline. 


Average Return on Investment: 6-12 Months with an effective plan!

How much time will it take to manage my Pinterest?
It depends on your commitment level and how efficient your strategy is. With an effective strategy + systems in place, the average management time spent is 5-10 hours a month! 

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A complete audit of your existing account OR strategy blueprint for your future account
  • Personalized action plan to implement for maximum results
  • Customized Marketing & Industry Guidance 
  • Content marketing & email list growing tips specifically for your business
  • Q & A Session with your Pinterest Expert
  • Document with notes & action steps from our session & recording of the call


  • No more wondering if Pinterest is right for you, find out now and open the door to your next flow of client traffic with this MASTERCLASS! INCLUDED!
  • If you find yourself in creative burnout and not growing organically on Pinterest, you could be missing one of the 4 strategy pillars I go over in this masterclass!
  • Plus, my Pinterest Workbook
    • Clarity 
    • Overview of Pinterest
    • Terminology
    • Best Practices

1 60-Minute Clarity & Strategy Session  with your Strategist

Pinterest Masterclass

Tech & Data Support

Pinterest Workbook

Value: $599 | Investment ONLY $297!

Let me help you get consistent content going out on the platform that aligns with your business goals and with Pinterest’s Best Practices!

Take action NOW to drive traffic and increase sales with a highly trained industry professional. 

Make sure your content doesn’t go to waste!

Stop throwing money away on Ads without a strategy. 

INVEST NOW!  NOW ACCEPTING NEW 1:1 Strategy Clients ONLY  *Limited Spot Available*