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Nutrition + is Becoming BODi

Hey there! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that your Nutrition + subscription is going to be turning into BODi for beta testers in August and open for new enrollees in September! BOD interactive is our brand new LIVE streaming platform- Nutrition + members get early access in August and enrollment for new customers will begin in September. 

What’s new?

-LIVE workout classes! You can login right now to Beachbody On Demand and look for the BODi Beta at the top of the page! This will show you the upcoming schedule, allow you to sign up for classes and show you the recordings of previous classes!

This is such an awesome way to add in different workouts to your routine, try new trainers and just have fun with your workout! You can also pick your playlist- or mute the music and jam out at home! During live classes you can see other people who are working out with you and even interact with the trainer with BODCast!

What’s coming?

-Cycling classes!

-More live times + more classes

-LIVE and interactive cooking shows

-SO much more!

What’s the same?

-Access to our nutrition experts, Autumn and Ilana – they will answer your questions and address issues that come up in your nutrition. 

-Access to Nutrition + member only Facebook pages:

Join The Mindset Membership here:

Join The Monthly Fix here: 

2B Mindset goodies: 

  • Monthly 7-Day Meal Plans – created by Ilana, these 7-day meal plans (plus simple grocery lists) will be available to you each month! Vegan meal plan options will also be available.
  • Mindset Menu Recipes (Video + PDF) – each week, you’ll get 2 new recipes – 8 recipes per month – designed for the 2B Mindset. These range from seasonal dishes to comforting classics; oh, and each recipe will have a corresponding video AND downloadable PD, so don’t worry about following along!
  • Monthly Topic Video – you’ll get a monthly training that dives into a topic requested by our community. It will help provide insight into overcoming obstacles you might face while trying to stay focused on your goals!
  • Goal-Setter Worksheet – this PDF is an interactive worksheet that goes along with the monthly topic video. It will help you set monthly goals and identify strategies to implement so you can continue making progress! 
  • 1-on-1 Session with Ilana – each month, one lucky member will have the opportunity to have a 1-on-1 session with Ilana! During this video call, Ilana will review your tracker, goals, and lifestyle to suggest personalized strategies to help you lose the next few pounds! This type of counseling in person with Ilana is a $400 USD value 🤯 Members will have the opportunity to be selected each month by applying at
  • Tracker Takeaway Worksheet – everyone gets to watch the 1-on-1 Session with Ilana, so while you watch, this worksheet will help you take notes and learn how to track with detail! 
  • Office Hours with Ilana – you’ll get to chat with Illana twice each month inside our exclusive community. This is a great way to stay connected to your goals and get your questions answered! 

Portion Fix Goodies:

  • Bimonthly 7-Day Meal Plan – a new 7-day meal plan will be available every other month! These will be available for every Portion Fix plan – even vegan – so there are options for everyone!
  • New FIXATE Recipes – each week, 2 new FIXATE recipes will be available exclusively to Monthly Fix members – that means you get 8 recipes a month before everyone else on BOD! 
  • Monthly Themed Videos – on the first Monday of the month, Autumn will introduce the topic we’ll focus on for the whole month. Some topic examples include managing your yellow carb containers, helping kids eat healthy, or food sensitivities.
  • Fun Assignments – every month, Autumn will give you a new video assignment + PDF. These assignments follow different monthly themes and are broken down step-by-step to make it easier to stay on track during tough times!
  • Expert Interviews – each month, you’ll get to watch exclusive interviews, as Autumn sits down with a special guest to dive deep into different topics, like learning to get more out of your day or how sleep impacts weight loss.
  • 1-on-1 Videos – Autumn guides a member through a month of personalized tracking and training to dial-in their results. 

Whew that is a lot of good stuff! Let me know if you are interested in being added to our BODi first to know list!  I am SO excited to offer you even more amazing workouts!

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