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FNX Relief- A Busy Moms Review

Hey Hey Hey! I am so excited that you have found this blog post! My missions behind this blog post is to share some CBD products that have helped me keep my anxieties at bay without medication as well as helping me sleep as sleep is vital to living a happy healthy life!

You are going to see both video & written text below they both have the same information in them I just know some people prefer written and some prefer video! Happy learning!

*I do make a small commission off of purchases through the links in this blog.

The first products that I wanted to talk with you guys about today are the CBD Gummies! FNX Relief offers 2 different kinds of gummies a relief gummy & a relief PM gummy. I’m sure you can figure out the difference but I will address the differences in the video below as well as below each link.

FNX Relief PM Gummies (25mg)

-100% Organic

-25mg CBD Per Gummy

-5mg Melatonin Per Gummy

-Delicious & Convenient

FNX Relief Gummies (25mg)

-100% Organic

-25mg CBD Per Gummy

-Delicious & Convenient

Next up is the powder options from FNX Relief; one is a PM product and one is an energy/focus product. I love love love both! I go over everything in my video as well as under each product! Happy Learning!

Reset Energy/Focus Stick Pack
-Single serve CBD stick packs are perfect for on the go, or a busy mom!
-Each pack contains 10 mg CBD infused with a delicious energy/focus blend
-Natural Energy comes from green tea extract, vitamin B, and Yerba mate. (630mg Energy & Focus)
-This product helps reset your mind and body one drink at a time without the crash!
-Helps with cognition, energy & recovery.
-Vegan & Gluten Free
-Power Punch Flavor
-Favorite way to have the product: 20oz of ice cold water with ice cubes and to drink within 1 hour. Do not drink if you are sensitive to caffeine or to late in the day!
-Made in the USA

Repair –CBD PM Pixies
-25 mg CBD per serving
-25 mg Melatonin per serving
-CBD PM Pixies offer a brand new delivery method to aid in your rest and recovery.
-The great tasting grape and strawberry flavored packs are formulated to dissolve on your tongue and enter directly into your blood stream.
-The mix of 25 mg of premium CBD and 25 mg of Melatonin help you to fall asleep faster and achieve a deeper level of sleep.
-Take 20-30 minutes before bed for best results.
-Rest + Recover
-Vegan & Gluten Free
-Made in the USA

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