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Favorite Summer Drinks

Hey Hey Hey! I am FINALLY getting around to putting this blog together! I have been keeping notes in my phone for the last 6 weeks as I have tried different drinks that remind me of summer!

As a busy work from home mom I am always reaching for something coffee, something with more caffeine in it, or something that will help me stay hydrated! I am going to break down these different drinks based on my opinions and where I bought them! If you have comments or other ones I should try, connect with me! I am always up for trying something new! 

First up will be my coffee drinks! I love coffee but I am one who typically just runs to Starbucks or makes a quick cup of coffee with almond creamer at home; I tried my first “canned” coffee from my Cooking Panda Spring box and so it brought me down the rabbit hole of trying the rest of these!

Califia Farms– Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, Oat Milk Latte, Mocha – this one was not my favorite I am just a lover of typical coffee so I was not sold on this one!

Energy Drinks are next! I was a Mtn Dew a day kind of girl most of my teenage and young adult life; I have kicked my Mtn Dew habit I don’t know how many times but always find myself coming back to it during the summer months; my goal this summer is to enjoy these better options instead!

Alani Nu Energy Drinks-These energy drinks now have a special place in my heart and I drink them 3-4 times a week! They taste DELICIOUS and they don’t make my heart race and I haven’t noticed a crash after drinking them either. The biggest thing I took away from these energy drinks was the amount of carbonation and sweetness is perfect in almost all of the flavors and the wide variety of flavors is also helpful since I get sick of drinking the same flavored things!

  • Tropsicle- This is one is my 2nd favorite flavor and it reminds me of Hi-C from when I was a kid.
  • Mimosa- This one is 3rd on my list for flavors this is also very similar to a Hi-C flavor in my opinion.
  • Watermelon Wave- This was not my favorite, it felt a little “fake” for a watermelon flavor.
  • Breezeberry- This one just kind of fell flat for me compared to the other flavors, it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful either.
  • Cosmic Stardust- THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE! I do not know why it’s my favorite but it is sooooo easy to drink, and the perfect amount of sweetness!
  • Cotton Candy Grape- This one was a little too sweet for my liking, but it was still drinkable.

Each of these have 200mg caffeine, 0 sugar, 10 calories, Biotin & B vitamins. I was able to buy most of these from our local target on an end cap for about $2.50 a can. I was also able to find a few at Hy-Vee, and a local nutrition store for about the same price. I like variety so I buy them in individual cans; but you can buy cases directly from Alani Nu or on Amazon. Sam’s club will also be selling a variety pack starting July 7th! 

Amazon Energy Drink- This was the 2nd energy drink company that I tried; I found these on Thrive Market. I got the Acai Berry & the Acai Berry Pomegranate both of which I enjoyed a lot. They were carbonated well and the taste was natural and sweet. On Thrive Market you had to order 4 at a time for $2.89 each. I did not feel my heart race or have a crash from either of these flavors. These do not have the same caloric or nutritional make up as Alani Nu, these are for sure higher on the sugar side. This is why it is super important to look at nutritional labels; I would not suggest these to anyone who is actively looking to lose weight because of the sugar content and empty calories. But if you are looking to swap out soda, it is a healthier swap in that regard.

  • Acai Berry Pomegranate Nutritional Info- 40 Calories, Vitamin C, 19g Carbs, 7g Sugar
  • Acai Berry  Nutritional Info- 120 Calories, Vitamin C, 32g Carbs, 29g Sugar

Other drinks are last up on our list! These drinks are drinks that either replace something that isn’t so great for me or that help keep me hydrated!

  • Aura Bora– Sparkling Water, Lavender Cucumber
  • Aura Bora– Sparkling Water, Cactus Rose
  • Olipop- Rootbeer is my favorite!
  • Liquid IV Apple Pie, Watermelon, Lemon Ginger, Agave
  • Basis– Clean Hydration Mix- Blackberry Lemon, Cran Raspberry, Grapefruit Melon

*This blog post includes affiliate links!

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