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Donut Themed Birthday Party!

Miss Kai turned 3 on April 15th, and I can not even believe it! I LOVE birthdays; and even though she probably won’t remember it I wanted to go all out this year….We took all of the goodies that I had bought for her 2nd birthday and put them to use this year for her 3rd birthday! Our big theme for Kai was DONUTS! Miss Kai’s favorite treat; as you can see from these pictures!

We were blessed with amazing weather for both of her mini birthday parties this year, with COVID still a concert it wasn’t the big family party we had hoped for but two small ones still made her happy! Check out the goodies we used below!

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Here are the goodies that I got thanks to a lot of Pinterest Inspiration:

Invitations: First needs to come the invitations of course and I had to get donut themed ones so that everyone knew her theme even before her party!

Matching Family T ShirtsA Princess Dress for Kai (2nd birthday outfit) & Donut Pants: How cute are all of these; Allen and Ax weren’t the biggest fans that I bought matching clothes for us but I LOVE them! Kai still asks about her 2nd birthday dress and loved her donut pants!

Donut Themed Plates/ Table Cloth / Straws: You can’t have a themed birthday party without matching table clothes and plates in my opinion so I had to buy it all! We will be having more than 16 guests so I bought separate mini plates for dessert! 

Donut Display Stand:This was the cutest set up! It was perfect for displaying the donuts that we made for miss Kai! Easy set up, easy clean up, and I could wipe it down!

Donut Themed Goodie Bags: We put together goodie bags for the kids this year since they are all a little order and enjoyed it! I bought milk bottles, playdough, straws, and the baggies and each kiddo got one. We also added some candy to make the bags full! Stickers for the milk bottles and play dough were made by Crafting Around With April; I highly recommend her!

As you can see I really enjoyed planning this donut themed birthday party for miss Kai, we had a lot of fun planning this party and we were able to find all of the party goodies at a decent price. We paired all these goodies with a lunch of pulled turkey, sloppy joes, buns, homemade mac and cheese, and appetizers!

Do you think you’ll plan a donut themed party anytime soon?

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