Cozy Comfy Drink Recipes!

What is your warm drink of choice? Do you love your coffee in the morning? Or do you enjoy a cup of tea in the morning or before bedtime?  What about hot chocolate- or the ever popular hot chocolate bombs?! I can personally indulge in all of these!

I love the ritual of a hot drink- making a cup of coffee in the quiet of the morning or enjoying tea right before bed.

What is your go-to cup of cozy?

Download our Cozy Comfy Drink PDF to try new Coffee, hot chocolate, and cocktail recipes!

Recipes included are:
Cinnamon vanilla latte
Camomile and lavender latte
Golden chai coconut latte
Healthy hot chocolate
Cinnamon hot chocolate
Peppermint mocha hot chocolate
Pumpkin spice hot chocolate
Tahini hot chocolate
Mexican hot chocolate
Hot toddy Apple cider

Cozy Comfy Drink Recipes Here!