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Amazon Prime Days 2021- Busy Moms Favorite Products

Hey hey hey everyone! I am so excited that I actually had time to sit down and look at the prime day deals this year! Here are a few of my favorites for my busy moms or business owners!

Here are some Prime Day Tips for you to make the most of the days!

  • Use your Prime credit card during prime days and earn and extra 1% back totaling 6% back
  • Alexa can get you early access to some major deals
  • Turn on your notifications so you don’t miss a deal!
  • Don’t forget about Prime Exclusive Coupons

*This blog post includes affiliate links so if you choose to order I will receive a small compensation!

Amazon Specific Deals:



Not 100% sure these are included on prime day but you guys are always asking for where you can buy 1 specific flavor of alani nu and it looks like amazon currently have the Tropsicle flavor in stick and this one reminds me a lot of Hi-C from Mcdonalds.

Kitchen Gadgets:

Mom Life: 

Kids Stuff: These are all things I’ve bought the kiddos in the last year that we love!




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