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A Busy Mom’s View On Gut Health

Hey Hey Hey Camille Here! I am so excited to be back blogging and had this light bulb moment while I was drinking my coffee and eating my breakfast this morning! I love learning and I know a lot of you who read my blogs also love learning. If you have been following me for awhile you know that I am obsessed with 2b Mindset nutrition program, I am a certified 2B Mindset Mentor and pay monthly to be apart of Nutrition + with beachbody to get monthly videos from the Mindset Membership! For those of you who may not know there are monthly topics that are taught within the Mindset Membership and I have been trying to figure out how to share what I learn monthly with others who are apart of Positivity Platform and I think I have found the solution; A monthly blog post around the topic! Gut health is going to be our first topic that we “talk” about! 

What is Gut Health?Instead of me trying to replicate what an actual nutritionist said on this training video I found a youtube video that explains it! This way there is no way for me to misunderstand or spread misinformation! 

If you are having gut discomfort then leaning in and learning more about how you can heal your gut health or improve your gut health keep reading! Examples of discomfort or signs of weakened gut health: Bloating, diarrhea, gas, food sensitivities, or tired or increased cravings for processed foods. 

Why should gut health be important to you? Continued research has shown that a healthy gut can lead to an all around healthier body. Below you are going to find some tips and tricks to help you focus on your gut health! 

  1. Eat more probiotics- AKA good bacteria – Make sure you are actually reading the labels to make sure it still has the active probiotics
    1. Examples of these types of foods/products:
      1. Fermented Dairy:Greek Yogurt, Kefir,
      2. Fermented Non Dairy: Tempe, Krout, Miso
      3. Other Probiotic Options: Shakeology, Rebalance Super- Greens, Restart – AM Protein Blend  Use coupon code:ckurtenbach for 20% off FNX orders
  2. Prebiotics- AKA good bacteria promoters – Fuel that feeds the good bacteria so they can thrive.
    1. Examples of these types of foods/products:
      1. Artichokes, banana, and other fiber rich foods
  3. Focus on Diversity- Give yourself options to be successful –
    1. There is a worksheet that can help you determine what your gut health intake looks like in a week or a month! You can access that worksheet via Nutrition + with Beachbody here! 
  4. Figure out what has been feeding your not helpful gut bacteria
    1. Examples of these types of foods/products:
      1. Heavy processed foods and sugars: hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients

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