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More Info On Why This Mini Series May Be Right For You!

This Slow Cooker Mini Series is led by an online health and fitness coach (ME!) to share the basics of crock pot cooking and how to make healthy and fast meals! I am obsessed with cooking and want to share my love for cooking and making cooking fun with others!

Here are some simple tips to decide is this mini series is for you!

  1. Show up! Check into your email daily! Hit reply and share your photos, ask questions, and let me know how things are going!
  2. Have fun! Be willing to try something new. If you’re new to crock pot cooking or a particular kind of food… take a chance; and make notes about what you loved or hated about it!
  3. Emails will be sent daily! So make sure you are checking them!! Yes I realize this is a double point but its super IMPORTANT to get the most out of this series!

Sneak Peak Into Some of our Crockpot Tips!

  1. Most savory recipes can be cooked on low for 8 hours to no ill effect. When in doubt, cook a recipe on low! If food is not fully cooked at the end of the cooking time, turning the temperature to high can help speed up the cooking process.
  2. Defrost all frozen meats in the fridge before placing them in the slow cooker. Using frozen meat may lower the temperature of the dish into the DANGER ZONE for an extended period.
  3. To keep the temperature constant in the slow cooker, avoid removing the lid during the cooking time.


“These recipes are so good!”

~ Kai & Allen

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5 Day Crockpot Series